On July 18, 2020, "Raven" GCH Firefly N South Willow's Canadian Tradition gave birth to 4 puppies sired by MBIS, MBISS, Am GCH, Can CH Duba Dae's Who's Your Daddy, SOMC, SOMG, LOM "Bosco".

At this time all 4 have planned homes.  However, there is a chance if either of the boys testicles do not descend, they would be available to pet homes.  Should all go as planned, then they have show homes waiting for them.  If you are interested in a male you are welcome to check in around the 2nd week of September to see if either are available.


As a Show Breeder, I strive to produce at least a couple puppies from a litter that will be shown, with the other beautiful puppies going to wonderful companion pet homes.  That being said, we cannot evaluate the puppies till they are at least 6-8 weeks old to determine which we will reserve for showing and which would be available to pet companion homes.  For only those pet homes who are 100% open to any gender, color or markings, will we accept a deposit to ensure you will receive a puppy ONLY AFTER THE PUPPIES ARE BORN.  If you are interested in a puppy please contact me either by email, call or text Stephanie at (801) 634-2125.

If any White puppies are produced from a litter they will be available to a pet home, since a White Boxer unfortunately cannot be shown.  Please read my page on the myths and facts of White Boxers.  Many people still believe they are different from their litter mates just cause they lack the fawn and brindle gene, which is far from fact.

I do not have another litter planned for about a year.  At that time I would be looking to breed Cleo.


"Bosco" MBIS, MBISS, Am GCH, Can CH Duba Dae's Who's Your Daddy, SOMC, SOMG, LOM



Sire/Dam Clear




Sire/Dam Clear

Sire N/A

Dam Clear

Sire Carrier

Dam Carrier

Stephanie Davidson-Lewis & Jeff Lewis

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