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I do provide creation of Web Sites.  Depending on the detail involved and the number of pages, the fees will range.  Click here for a breakdown of prices.  Should you be interested in further details, please contact me.  I've provided samples below of some of the websites I have created.


How to measure for a custom wet coat

for more wet coats

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Each wet coat is made of material over chamois. Wet Coats can be made to look very showy or very simple with a more basic edging of bius, with a decorative ribbon or a beaded edge. Because each coat is custom they can be made to fit small and large breeds of many sizes.


To fit your dog measure (A) from the withers to the front of the tailset, (B) from the center of the front of the chest to the rear, (C) from the center of the withers to the lowest point of the chest.  Refer to the image to the right.


Price varies depending on size and what the Wet Coat includes. If you'd like a Wet Coat made, contact me with your requirements and I will reply with availability and pricing. Shipping is charged at actual cost only. Custom orders can be shipped within a week.


Included in the showcase of photos below are many different Wet Coats I've made.  Many can be duplicated depending on material availability.  If you don't see what you are looking for here tell me your idea and I will match it.



These Collars offer a unique design. They still have the traditional look at first glance but have a useful training effect (shown in the picture below). They are not only adjustable to fit your dog, but tighten for slightly more control on the leash. Collars are made of polypropylene webbing; using high quality nickel plated steel hardware. There are a wide verity of colors and patterns to choose from and are so adorable you can’t have just one!!


Browse through the showcase of photos here for some of the collars.  Many can be remade depending on ribbon availability.  If you don't see what you are looking for here tell me your idea and I will match it.  You may contact me through email to order.

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