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GCH. South Willow's Badah Boom




1.8 Flow Rate


5 VPCs 5-2021

0 VPCs 1-2022

4 VPCs 1-2023


At Risk



by BISS GCHG Irondale's Look At Me Now, SOMG and South Willow Chase N' Fireflys, CAA, DOM
Born March 14, 2018
bred by South Willow Boxers

Hector, Armani and Cleo are an outcome of a planned breeding to improve on their mother's head.  We not only improved on head with beautiful bites but kept Skyy's short back and outgoing attitude with these kids.  Cleo will hit the ring sooner than her brothers, but mainly for experience and mainly because my other girls are finished or close to being finished.  For now she will be loving life living with his mommy Jenny.

Cleo earned her Championship title very quickly!  It took her a couple shows to figure out how it all works, but after that she was on a roll!  Cleo was awarded 3 major wins, a couple Best Of Breeds from the classes over Specials and finished big by not only being awarded Best Of Winners but also Best Opposite Sex over 3 other Specials!  

Thank you to the Denton family for working with us through her showing.  This girl is so BEAUTIFUL!  We are hopeful she can come back out and show again next year when she's a bit more mature to achieve her Grand title as well.  We are confident that will go just as quick.


CH. South Willow's Shake N Bake


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