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GCH South Willow's You Make Loving Fun





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1 VPC 9-2023





by GCH Irondale's Get Off My Cloud and CH South Willow-Black Dymond's Spoiled And Entitled
Born April 13, 2021
bred by Cyclone Boxers and South Willow Boxers

It seems to be a reoccurring story that one was never intended to be kept, but...  This was the case with Stevie.  Although we are very happy we did, with already having 7 dogs at home, I had no intention of wanting to keep another.  Stevie's unique personality and her breeder's wish for me to keep her, won over.

Stevie is a very playful, fun girl with a very outgoing personality.  She has some great attributes such as a short back, high set tail and nice feet, but her head is what I like the most.  She has such a beautiful expression with dark eyes.

Stevie started off her show career this a big win taking Best Of Breed from the 9-12 class owner handled over Specials for a Major win.  She repeated the following day by taking Best of Winners.  At only 11 months old, Stevie went on to win Owner Handle Best In Show.  Just shy of 2 years old, Stevie was sent out with a handler and not only finished her championship in 2 weeks but got a start on her Grand with 5 defeats and a Breed win over Specials.  Now at just over 2 years old, Stevie is only a few singles away from finishing her Grand title.

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