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South Willow Chase N' Fireflys, CAA, DOM




Clear 1.9 Flow Rate


2 VPCs 9-2016

0 VPC 12-2017

0 VPC 2-2019





by Am CH. BPRIS MBPISS MBPIG Can Ch Rikar's Renegade Law Man, A/C SOM and Am CH. BISS MBPIS MBPISS Can GCH. South Willow N Firefly's Made You Look!, DOM
Born October 6, 2014 - September 22, 2023
bred by Firefly Boxers and South Willow Boxers

I am so excited about this girl I can hardly stand it!!  Rogue and Wyatt had 8 gorgeous babies and I'm excited to have one of them!


Thank you is not enough to Rogue’s owner, Allison Hadaway!  Not only have you been a great owner but you have been an awesome friend!  Thank you for everything.  I know this new girl will be a whole new exciting ride for you and I!


And I have to mention Angie and Deb, Wyatt's owners.  I know you put yourselves out there for me and I really can't thank you both enough.  I will never make you regret your decision to allow Rogue to be bred to Wyatt.  You two are wonderful women and I can't wait to get to know you both better.


Skyy reminds me so much of her grandmother, Posh.  On one side, Posh has carried over her average head piece to her daughter Rogue and onto her granddaughter Skyy, but on the other side; she also passed on her awesome personality, outstanding body and strong movement!  I love seeing bits of Posh and Rogue come through in Skyy on a daily basis!

9/22/2023 - Skyy was taken from us way too soon, just short of her 9th birthday.  Although the signs were seen early, what took her over was not really treatable.  It was eventually found that cancers was eating Skyy's spleen and liver away.  Once it was found, it took her over fast.  It's always the hardest decision to make but we could not see her suffer any longer.  I still see her face of how she looked at me when she was leaving us.  I will never forget such a strong, loving and super smart girl.  You were one of a kind Skyy-Skyy!  I love you!

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