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GCH. Fanfare Spice It Up At South Willow, DOM




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by CH. Rosend's-Fanfare's Reflections of Dajon and CH. Fanfare Lady Marmalade, DOM

Born November 11, 2007 - June 23, 2015

bred by Fanfare Boxers

Thanks needs to be said to Dotti Moore of Fanfare Boxer for giving Posh to us.


Posh is owned and loved by my son, Wyly.  Posh is a line bred girl whos pedigree is highly saturated with some of the most impressive Boxers.


Posh impressed me from four weeks of age.  With that sweet expression, smooth body and strong movement, she is a winner in my eyes and her “go get it” attitude has made her a winner in the ring.  Posh proved to be a true “show girl” finishing with limited showing and in style with 5 Majors and 2 BOBs over Specials.  One of which was a Top 20 Contender!  Posh is also a Grand Champion; all of which was owner handled!


With 2 of Posh's litters being very small in count, only 5 puppies were placed in show homes.  With all 5 being champions, Posh has also become a DOM!!

Posh came into our lives when she was only 7 weeks old.  Even then she was so full of hopes and dreams for us.  She was such a beautiful baby.  So full of spunk and life.  My son Wyly and I brought her back from Northern California over a scary, windy, icy mountain pass on New Years Even in 2007.   It seems like that was such a short time ago, which makes the thought of her being gone feel so wrong.  Posh was so special in so many ways.  She grew into such a regal girl with so much presence.  She was not only a special show girl for me, finishing with many majors and with some very nice awards.  She was not only an outstanding producer, with 5 gorgeous champion kids and many other beautiful babies in companion homes.  Posh was the most amazing companion to our family and especially to my son Wyly.  Posh loved Wyly so much.  Posh, you will forever be missed.  We are so grateful we will always have a part of you in your granddaughter, Skyy.  I hope you are running free, chasing all the birds in heaven now.

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