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CH. Fanfare-South Willow Amor Vincit at O'Bravo




Clear 1.43 Flow Rate


0 VPCs 12-2011




At Risk

by CH. Ein-Von's Knock-Out and CH. Fanfare Spice It Up At South Willow, DOM

Born December 16, 2009 - December 7, 2018

bred by South Willow Boxers and Fanfare Boxers

Eros is an amazing dog that I often regret not keeping in my home. If it was to any other person, he would have stayed with me. Instead Eros was given to my very trusted friend, Vanessa Bravo.  Eros is the perfect blend of his sire and dam.  He has an amazing head, great bite and beautiful expression. He's very balanced with nice angles, substance, good bone, tight feet, smooth topline and high set tail. To top it all off, his movements is very powerful yet effortless and he has a very outgoing attitude!


Due to unforeseen circumstances with Vanessa, Eros is now a child to the Williams family.  I greatly appreciate all this family has given Eros.  Given that we now live a couple states apart and showing has been limited to only a couple shows a year, it took some time to get Eros finished.  I am ecstatic to say, with the limited shows we could get him to, Eros is an AKC Champion!  It makes me even more happy that he was continually recognized at Specialty Shows.

Sadly Eros left this world too early just shy of his 9th birthday due to cancer.  My heart goes out to his family who loved him so very much.


Eros is owned by myself, Vanessa Barvo of O'Bravo Boxers and Dotti Moore of Fanfare Boxers.


Frozen semen is available on Eros to approved, health tested females.  

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