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South Willow's Lily Tiger Flower






0 VPCs 12-2007



by Hootie Hoot II and Lowwater Snow

born December 18, 2003 - July 14, 2015

bred by 


Lily is an absolute doll!  She is always willing to please.  Lily is entertaining and very intelligent.  Her sweet face and witty personality bring a smile to everyone.  This pretty thing has a correct tail set, nicely angled shoulders, double dark haws and beautiful compact feet.  Her physical traits match her sweet personality.


Lily delivered some nice puppies like “Striker” South Willow Strikes Back, “Caesar” South Willow’s King of Kings, “Star” South Willow’s Main Attraction, “Ace” South Willow’s Full House, “Alley” South Willow’s I Want It All, “Ozzy” South Willow’s Iron Man and “Cash” Ch. South Willow’s I Walk The Line.  Unfortunately, because of Lily’s poor pedigree it is impossible to place even a very nice puppy in a show home.  Fortunately for us, we decided to keep “Cash”. Cash was very successful in the ring and I even put points on Cash myself, owner/handled.

Just a week prior to Lily's passing, I would have thought she'd be around for a couple more years to come.  With only a few days’ notice before we said goodbye to Lily, she started showing signs of not being well.  After blood work and an ultrasound, a large tumor was found in Lily's stomach area.  With the location, size and Lily's age there was nothing we could do for her.  As fast as Lily was deteriorating in just a few days, we knew we could not be selfish and make her stay with us any longer.  So on July 14, 2015 we let her go.  We will never say goodbye to you, Lily.  You will always be in our hearts and our home will forever feel as if something is missing.  I pray you are running around like a puppy and have all the food you can eat!!

We love you, Lily!


CH. South Willow's I Walk The Line

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