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CH. South Willow's I Walk The Line




Clear 1.82 Flow Rate


0 VPCs 10-2010





by CH. Ein-Von's Knock-Out and South Willow's Lily Tiger Flower

Born August 4, 2008 - January 2018

bred by South Willow Boxers

Cash has an “I’m all that” attitude. He has a short, smooth back with a high set tail. He has good bone and nice feet. What draws me to Cash is his head. He has a beautiful expression, nice eye shape and dark color, a very dark mask and great bite!  Cash is a product of our first Champion, “Oscar”.  Now that Oscar is gone its always nice to see Oscar’s face in Cash.  Cash lived up to his father’s accomplishments by finishing with 3 majors and going Best of Breed over Specials from the 6-9 month class.  I know Oscar is very proud of his son.


Interesting Fact:  Judge Pat Hastings of Puppy Puzzle, a Best In Show Judge, evaluated Cash as “Pet Quality” at 9 weeks of age.  She later awarded Cash 2 Major Reserves by 2 different handlers and commented both times how she was very close to switching her Winners and Reserve order.  Cash was also major pointed by one of my all-time most looked up to Boxer Breeders, Tim Hutchings of Winuwuk Boxers at the Boxer Club of Arizona Specialty.

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