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CH. South Willow-Black Dymond's God Of The Night




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by BISS GCHB Starlyn-South Willow's Family Tradition, CAA, CGC and GCH. South Willow Mariah Of Box-L & Raintree

Born January 13, 2017

bred by South Willow Boxers and Black Dymond Boxers

owned by Darrelan McBride & Channing Blount

Knox, Jax and Diva were a very special breeding for us.  With not knowing the particulars of Mariah's past, we had our doubts that she could even produce a litter or be a providing mother.  To say we were pleased with the litter and her as a mother, is a huge understatement.  Mariah and Bocephus gave us four very similar, very beautiful babies!  Out of the four, three will be shown (unfortunately by our Breed Standard, we cannot show a white Boxer which is what the fourth baby was.)

Knox not only has a gorgeous head, expression and bite, but he has a very square, smooth body with nice angles, both front and rear.  Knox will be the second Boxer I attempt to show 100% myself.  I am so looking forward to showing this boy and see so much potential in him!

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