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CH. South Willow's Shockin Y'all At La Pawz




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0 VPC 5-2015





by GCH. South Willow's Like A Rock and GCH. South Willow N Hallmarks Driven To Succeed

Born April 14, 2013

bred by South Willow Boxers

owned by Stephane Adams and Michelle Allen

Gibbs is a bit of a wild one like his father "Chevy" Ch. South Willow's Like A Rock.  Although I see qualities from both his sire and dam, "Danica" GCh. South Willow N Hallmarks Driven To Succeed, it's scary how often Gibbs is mistaken for Chevy at first glance.  Both have very simular heads and body types, but even more Gibbs makes the same expressions as his father and has some of the same manorizums.


Knowing how well Chevy and Danica both did while in the show ring, I'm sure Gibbs will be a fun one to show.  I am extremely excited to see Gibbs and Stephane racking up those points, all owner handled!


At 13 months old, Stephane and Gibbs ventured out to the Pomona UKC shows to finish up his UKC Championship requirements.  They finished BIG taking BOB, Group 1 and BIS!!!  Way to go Steph and Gibbs!!

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