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South Willow Painted In Black Dymonds








At Risk

by GCH. Naja's Mi-T Alliance, SOM and GCH. South Willow-BlackDymond Isnt She Hvnly of OBravo, TT, HAT, CGC

Born May 15, 2014 - 

bred by Black Dymond Boxers and South Willow Boxers


I don't even know how to put into writing how to explain the loss of Dutchess.  Dutchess was so different from all our dogs.  She was so happy, silly and full of life all the time.  She loved everybody and everything. She only ever just wanted to play.  Dutchess was taken away from us and our good friends Todd and Jill way too young.  Saddly Todd and Jill lost both their dogs from a very aggressive strain of parvo.  Even with round the clock care, Dutchess and her good friend Sampson were taken from our friends.  I know it's a loss they and we will never get passed but we know her sister Bear will bring comfort to the loss just looking in those same eyes.  We will always miss you sweet baby girl.  Run crazy, chew on Sampon and eat sprinkler heads up there!

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