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by BISS GCHB. Starlyn-South Willow's Family Tradition, CAA, CGC, SOM and CH.Firefly N'KP's Turn'n Heads

Born January 20, 2017

bred by KP Boxers and Firefly Boxer

owned by South Willow Boxers

Ridge came to be with us under unfortunate circumstances.  Due to his original placement, Ridge was left in poor conditions.  We witnessed not only the filthy conditions of this boy but the same with the others housed with this individual.  At only 1 year old Ridge was allowed to learn it was acceptable to urinate when in a crate.  It had to be the norm for all his dogs as none had crate mats and all were peeing in their crates.  Bystanders, including my husband pulled dogs from these crates so they would not have to sit in the standing urine.  While at a dog show we witnessed a judge disgusted enough to have an outburst that he had to take a break to wash his hands due to the filth this person's dogs were covered in.  It is our opinion that a crate and run is all this dog knew and was never allowed in a home (he doesn't have one picture to prove otherwise).

At 17 months old, we ran into this person the 2nd and last time.  Only to find Ridge was in even worse condition.  Ridge was missing hair at least 4 inches up the length of his legs.  His nails were not only extremely long but stained yellow.  His feet were flat, he had no muscle tone and was missing hair from his muzzle and along his back.  Even through all this Ridge was still so happy to be receiving attention from myself and a friend of mine.  We left him then thinking how bad we felt that we were not allowed to take him with us and that we badly needed to wash our hands before touching anything!

In my postings and any achievements this dog will receive in the future, I will refuse to add this person's kennel name to this sweet boy.  Ridge is not only an amazing boy but by far the best dog this guy would have ever had!  We are so happy he ended up in our care and thank his breeder for getting this dog back and out of such an awful living condition.  Watch for Ridge in the ring in the near future.  And watch out, cause he will beat most all else that is out there!

Stephanie Davidson

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