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Backwood's Third Time's A Charm






6 VPCs 6-2009



by CH. HighRiver's Taylor Made of Backwoods, A/C SOM and CH. Rosend's N Backwood's Material Girl

Born January 24, 2005 - November 10, 2008

bred by Backwoods Boxers

Charm was a very showy girl with tons of attitude, but unfortunately I couldn’t get those majors on her due to the raise in her back from a severe case of Spondylosis. Because of Charm’s gorgeous head, strong front and amazing attitude Charm was awarded BOB from the classes over a Top 20 Contender, owner handled.


Shy of 3 years old, Charm left this world. With all the discomfort this girl was in, I at least know she will feel no more pain. Charm is my “Heart Dog”. We had a bond that no dog will ever replace. Charm always wanted to please and to be by my side at all times.  Charm carried so much emotion in her expression. You could only smile when looking into her eyes. I will forever miss my Princess. I prey you are without pain and that you will be with Brewser now.

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