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CH South Willow's Total Eclipse




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by GCH. South Willow's Like A Rock and CH. Starlyn's First Ladye Of Magic

Born August 10, 2017

bred by Starlyn Boxers and South Willow Boxers

When Chevy was bred to Phoenix, Lynn Carroll and her husband Bill were nice enough to let Jeff and I sign on to Phoenix as breeders.  It makes it mean that much more to me that I will be able to handle Auggie in the Bred By class to represent his father, Chevy.  In breeding it is always a gamble.  You work over in your mind what combination will improve upon the sire and dam.  Although you cannot correct or improve upon everything, I do feel this outcome was a success!  The only thing that would have made it better, is if they produced more than just the one puppy.  However, if you were going to have just one, I'm grateful that it is a beautiful one!

August (AKA "Auggie) got his name from the month he was born in.  It was a special month worth naming because it was the week of the total eclipse of the sun.  The theme names Lynn comes up with always makes the names so much fun!

Auggie came to South Willow Boxers as our pick back from the breeding.  We are fortunate Lynn and Bill contacted us about taking Auggie.  He not only has very clear confirmation traits but he has a very outgoing, sweet personality.

Auggie was entered in his first shows at just over 6 months old on a whim.  He had never been worked with and had never been on a show lead prior to stepping into the ring.  I went in with Auggie thinking it would be a show to give all a laugh.  I was pleasantly surprised!  Auggie was in the larges male entered class and not only showed very well but won his class 3 out of 4 shows.  I couldn't be more proud and happy with this sweet little boy!  I thank all for the very nice complements I received on Auggie at the show.  I'm sure he will make his daddy proud!  So far, in only a small number of shows, Auggie has both majors and only needs 3 singles to finish, all owner handled by myself.

Auggie is owned by Chris Sumner (I should say "Chris is owned by Auggie").  There could not be a more fitting pair!

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