South Willow's Soul Journey




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by BISS GCH Mi-T's Believe It Or Not, SOM and CH South Willow's Redemption

Born March 4, 2019

bred by Judith Swain and South Willow Boxers

Souly was our pick back from a gorgeous girl we bred, Brooks.  Souly is a special boy with a very unique personality.  He has a "happy go lucky" personality.  He loves to meet new people and experience new things.  Not much seems to scare him as he's so curious about anything new.

Souly has a lot going for him like his nice cat-like feet, bone, substance and short back but his head is the best thing about his structure.  I have not personally seen more than Souly's father on his sire's side but I can say he sure does have a lot of his mom, grandpa Chevy and great grandpa Doc in him!

Thank you Karen Park for helping me come up with Souly's name.  There is real meaning behind "Soul Journey".  To get this puppy really did test my patents, made me think about what could possible go through someone's head, when to keep my mouth shut and when enough is enough and you have to stand up for what's right.  I was put through a great deal but fate came through like it does and all worked out.  It really was a "Soul Journey"!

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